Since 2013 we have manufactured Coldstream water filters and purifiers, which are the result of over three years of product development supported by more than two decades of experience in ceramics technology. The end product is a truly innovative range of high-performance ceramic water filters 100% manufactured and assembled in the UK. We take great pride in our products and encourage you to read our Trustpilot reviews and follow us on social media so that you are always well informed and up to date on our news.

From the beginning, our purpose has been to empower people to permanently remove contamination from the world’s water supply through the use of affordable drinking water filter systems which are harmless to the environment. The founding and leadership team are extremely passionate about the environment and particularly the Ocean. Outside of the office and when not in the lab or with customers, they can often be found in the water under sail, walking up a mountain or trying to catch a wave. We are conservationists and believe our products will not only support your health and wellness but are better for the planet.

The Coldstream brand offers a comprehensive range of high performance water filters to suit the increasing worldwide demand for cleaner, better tasting water, whilst all our products are fully NSF tested and certified. We offer a selection of models to fit all leading systems currently available, including Gravity systems and our own range of systems for either above or below the kitchen counter as well as for off grid. Please use our web enquiry form for any questions and we will be pleased to answer and see how we can help to safeguard your drinking water.


Based in the UK at King’s Lynn in Norfolk, our products are distributed worldwide from our manufacturing facility which uses pioneering production methods to ensure the highest quality product at a competitive price. Our ceramic filtration units are environmentally friendly and benefit from an exceptionally low carbon footprint because our factory is powered entirely by green energy, making use of our own solar farm and wind turbine. We constantly strive to make our manufacturing techniques as energy efficient as possible.