Replacement water filters

If you’ve been searching for water filters UK and not heard of us before, you may be surprised to learn that we make a range of high performance ceramic water filters to effectively remove 99% of known contaminants from drinking water. Our Coldstream filters provide water containing only the essential salts and electrolytes, which help to give the water its taste.

We have applied the very latest ceramic filtration technologies and used the best materials available to create a range of high-performance ceramic water filters that will guarantee the quality and safety of the water that comes out of your tap.

We offer three types of filter, our standard Sentry model offers anti-bacterial protection, the CTO Plus also protects against chemical contamination and our latest model, the MAX purifier, is proven to eradicate waterborne viruses too.


All our filters are available with any of our countertop or undercounter systems and the filter candles will fit many other manufacturers’ models too, please consult the company prior for confirmation of compatibility with your existing filter housing. So if you are searching for water filters because you need a replacement filter candle, why not upgrade to a Coldstream filter and see the results for yourself.